Why people trust Yog Nidra by Trance Foundation?

Marsha Hoffman

Various meditation techniques are practiced by masters in their own way. All techniques are good so long as they result into complete body and mind relaxation. In most of the techniques a huge lot of preparations are required. A particular state of mind is expected. The subject is expected to learn these techniques. The entire process takes a lot of time. Many of these techniques recommend a certain time of the day to perform the meditation. If not performed well, adverse results can also be obtained. The processes used therein are very cumbersome beyond the understanding of the common man. The techniques used by Trance Foundation are very simple, very less time consuming and very effective. No pre-preparations are required. Phenomenal results are obtained in a minimal time of about thirty minutes only. The simple meditation process practiced by Trance Foundation through Yog Nidra can be done by any age group who understand the simple language. The process is so unique that the subject starts enjoying it day by day.