What are benefits of Yog Nidra?

Trance techniques are unique as each technique is very specific.
Each technique is stand alone and is different from each other.
Each technique gives immense relief to the person performing it.
Each technique gives instant relief.
No major preparations are required for performing the techniques.
No expenditure is involved for practicing the technique.
Time required for performing each technique is about 30 minutes only.
Each technique can be performed anywhere sitting or lying down as guided.
There are no prerequisites for performing the technique except that a person      should preferably be hungry and little tired before the session.
Each technique can be performed by all age group adults.
Each technique can be performed by male and female alike.
Females can perform it even during menstruation.
Each technique can be performed by a healthy or even sickly person.
No pre knowledge of yoga or meditation techniques is required for performing      any of the techniques.
No yogic asanas are required to be performed during the techniques except long      and deep breathing some times as directed by the teacher.
After learning the technique initially from a teacher, a person can self profess it      easily.
Any one who has performed all the techniques at least once can obtain a      certificate from our foundation and then can practice it independently on his own.
No major equipment is required for performing the technique. Only a bed sheet,      cell phone or a laptop, if available, are sufficient.
Each technique can be performed in solo as well as in group. Group synergy      works very well.
Rich testimonials from senior bureaucrats, industrialists, artists, businessmen,      government executives, housewives, philanthropists, entrepreneurs indicate      universal acceptance and efficacy of the techniques.
Each technique focuses on different aspect of human existence.
Each technique teaches universal brotherhood.
These techniques can be performed by individuals professing any religion or      belonging to any caste or creed.
Each technique promotes growth, health, wealth happiness and well being of all      together.
Each technique can be performed any time of the day and in any season with      equal efficacy.
We aim to provide largest access to humanity across the world.

Marsha Hoffman