Our Services

Trance Foundation is an online Yoga Nidra training and certification platform. Our aim is to train Yoga Nidra experts all over the world so that maximum people can benefit by the Yoga Nidra Techniques of Trance Foundation. Anyone who is interested in learning Yoga Nidra as a hobby, profession or for relaxation can come to our website www.trancefoundation.org and take advantage of our platform. There are series of proprietary videos which can be watched anytime and anywhere, though we recommend practicing them on an empty stomach. These videos contain personal guided meditation by the founder of Trance Foundation Dr. Naresh C. Goyal. Each video is about 15-20 minutes in length and teaches a unique technique of yoga nidra. These techniques are designed and developed by Dr. Naresh C. Goyal after decades of meditation, practice and experience. The visitors can register on the website to access the free content and once they want to gain more knowledge they can also purchase premium content. The premium services include proprietary videos of Yoga Nidra Techniques. One-on-one counseling to help individual student. Live Yoga Nidra Sessions held on a regular basis. A grand initiation ceremony is also organized for all the premium members who complete all yoga nidra techniques and seek a certification. After the certification they can teach the science of yoga nidra all over the world. New Yoga Nidra techniques are shared on the website regularly and the premium membership guarantees uninterrupted access to all the content.