Legal Disclaimer

    Since each technique of Yog Nidra involves listening and taking the conscious level to different heights, a person should perform it at his own risk and responsibility. Anyone performing the technique without proper guidance shall do at his own risk. Trance Foundation does not take any responsibility for such acts performed without the guidance of a trained teacher. Trance Foundation shall not be held responsible for any such cause before any court of law or any authority under any government administration. Though enough evidences have been recorded by the performer about the instant relief being obtained by performing the technique, there are no medical evidences for the same. Trance Foundation does not claim any instant or post performance physical relief being obtained by any or all the practitioners. It may depend upon case to case and the circumstances and mental condition of the performer. Trance Foundation does not claim any medical relief being administered to the person performing the technique. Trance Foundation does not claim to provide relief in any ailment already in the body. Trance Foundation does not claim that no ailment will ever occur with continuous practice of any of these techniques. Trance foundation does not prescribe any medicine or administers any curative or invasive procedures. Trance Foundation also does not promote any type of food habit. Trance Foundation does not propagate among the practitioners to adopt or abdicate certain types of food or drinking patterns. Trance Foundation neither promotes any religion nor preachhatred towards any religion.

Since the technique involves little bit of hypnotics, one must perform the technique after due verification from his colleagues and friends and from all sources who have undergone such experiences.