About Academy of Skills Development

Marsha Hoffman

Academy of Skills Development was constituted in the year 2017. It is an LLP organization duly registered with the government of India. Primary aim and purpose of the organization is to help young minds in skills development. An institution under the franchisee of VIVO Healthcare was opened where hundreds of students were imparted theoretical as well as practical training in medical healthcare. They were all placed on suitable jobs and are working very well in various hospitals.

Now the LLP has diversified into more subtle field of knowledge. Under this banner online yoga and meditation classes were held regularly during COVID 19 lockdown in India benefitting hundreds of participants. Through the media of web learning, here is an effort to reach to the millions. Master trainer Dr. Naresh Goyal is available to provide the superior knowledge of Yoga and meditation on the platform of Academy of Skills Development. Motto of the organization is that each one should be proficient and skilled in the domain of his choice and the super skill is Yoga and Meditation. Wish you all a very healthy, wealthy, peaceful and life full of abundance.