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Marsha Hoffman

About Trance Foundation

Trance foundation is an organization created for the spread of Yoga, meditation and health awareness. Trance foundation proposes to inculcate the sense of well-being among every human being on earth through self efforts by way of arousal of inbuilt energies so engrained in human body. Trance foundation believes that mere identification of the sources of energies within oneself and being with it enables oneself capable of resolving small and larger physical issues. Trance foundation believes that emancipation and evolvement of soul is possible through continuous and correct practices within a short span of time. Trance foundation teaches these practices through very simple steps within reach of every individual, healthy or sick alike. The yoga and meditation techniques are very subtle benefitting at the core of human existence. The techniques are focused for maximum effectiveness.
12 Yog Nidra (Yogic sleep) modules developed by Trance foundation are unique. Each technique is different focusing on different aspects of physical being. Trance foundation goes on to improve the power and efficacy of human physiology through live sessions being performed by all strata of society,both, affluent and poor.Our hearts fill with gratitude for the testimonials of the participants from across the world participating in these sessions everyday. We at Trance foundation invite every human being on the earth to be a party to our efforts to instill the awareness of your own energy within you. We, at Trance foundation, aim to involve everyone in our inner journey to awaken the spirit for common emancipation of mankind.
Trance foundation proposes to conduct the yoga and meditation sessions worldwide live, through web and spread the knowledge by periodicals, print and electronic media for larger gain. Trance foundation also aims athosting events in various parts of the world involving humanity.

We thank the almighty for being us. Be a part of Trance foundation. Let us win our own world together.

About Academy of Skills Development

Academy of Skills Development was constituted in the year 2017. It is an LLP organization duly registered with the government of India. Primary aim and purpose of the organization is to help young minds in skills development. An institution under the franchisee of VIVO Healthcare was opened where hundreds of students were imparted theoretical as well as practical training in medical healthcare. They were all placed on suitable jobs and are working very well in various hospitals.

Now the LLP has diversified into more subtle field of knowledge. Under this banner online yoga and meditation classes were held regularly during COVID 19 lockdown in India benefitting hundreds of participants. Through the media of web learning, here is an effort to reach to the millions. Master trainer Dr. Naresh Goyal is available to provide the superior knowledge of Yoga and meditation on the platform of Academy of Skills Development. Motto of the organization is that each one should be proficient and skilled in the domain of his choice and the super skill is Yoga and Meditation. Wish you all a very healthy, wealthy, peaceful and life full of abundance.

Marsha Hoffman

Marsha Hoffman

About Dr. Naresh Goyal

Born in a middle class family, I was very fond of keeping myself fit since early childhood. After completing the studies in science stream up to the graduation level, I pursued the study of Law from University of Delhi, and then master it from University of Mumbai. My special interest in Social Work earned me the honorary Doctorate as well. For my career, I got selected in the premier Civil Services of India. During training as well, morning walk, games and fitness regime were part of every day’s life. It was a long journey of thirty six of administrative experience in the Government of India at coveted assignment all along. While being posted at Mumbai, I was introduced to the three streams of knowledge. The Art of Living propounded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Siddhi Samadhi Yoga by Rishi Parbhakar and Yogasna techniques by Swami Ramdev. I pursued scores of basic and advance courses form these institutions. In between came a golden opportunity of pursuing Diploma in Yoga from the prestigious Kaivalyadham in Mumbai. The nine months diploma course changed the course of life. Not only did I follow it vigorously but also started practicing it.

Years of practice and deep study of literature on the subject and continuous interactions with the seers led me to evolve the 12 stages of deep meditation practices. During the lockdown periods due to corona pandemic, the meditation sessions were held on line for the general public. Hundreds of participants attended and greatly benefitted from it.

My motto of bringing these twelve unique practices before you is to benefit the society at large. People should benefit. I want each one of us to be free from bondage and live our life to the fullest. God has been very kind to all of us. Let us do our best and leave rest to Him. God is great.