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Trance foundation is an organization created for the spread of Yoga, meditation and health awareness. Trance foundation proposes to inculcate the sense of well-being among every human being on earth through self efforts by way of arousal of inbuilt energies so engrained in human body. Learn More

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What is Yoga Nidra Meditation by Trance Foundation?

Through research over the years, we, at Trance foundation have developed the techniques of Yog-Nidra Meditation. There are 12 different techniques. Each technique is self sufficient and lasts for about thirty minutes only. Whatever be your state of mind, you will experience complete rest and relaxation that will take you in a Trance.

Marsha Hoffman
Why Yoga Nidra Meditation by Trance Foundation?

Extremely simple, No need of prior Yoga Experience.

You can do it sitting in a chair or lying down on a bed or mat.

No preparations are required.

Uniquely enjoyable process.

Phenomenal results are obtained in a minimal time of about 30 minutes only.

Marsha Hoffman


23 August
Yoga Nidra Meditation Free Session

Trance Foundation, 13, Banarsi Das Estate, Mall Road, Delhi 110054. INDIA Read more

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Meet the Visionary
Dr. Naresh Goyal Sir

Dr. Naresh Goyal has served the country as an administrative officer with the Government of India for over 36 years. He is well versed in multiple streams of knowledge such as The Art of Living by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Siddhi Samadhi Yoga by Rishi Parbhakar and Yogasna techniques by Swami Ramdev. He is a certified Yoga Instructor from the prestigious Kaivalyadham in Mumbai. Years of practice and deep study of literature on the subject and continuous interactions with the seers led him to evolve the 12 stages of deep Yog Nidra meditation practices.

Dr. Naresh Goyal
Yoga Nidra Techniques
Weight shedding Dhyan

After the full day’s hard work we feel tired and tense. Not only our muscles become stiff b ...

Drishta Dhyan

We always think we are perfect in the world. This technique of dhyan is an attempt to apprise us ...

Inner journey or Antar Yatra Dhyan

This is a unique process never experienced before by many of us. All of us know that we have larg ...

Swa Dhyan or Self Dhyan

On an average we pass through sixty thousand thoughts ...

Swachand Dhyan

The world is large and wide. We keep our thinking restricted. We need to open up. Each one of us ...

Chakra Dhyan

There are three major energy paths in our body. Starting from the base, these paths cross each ot ...

Deh Dhyan

Deh means the body. It is the physical body that carries us through the life. Each part of the bo ...

Touch Dhyan

Various elements in the air touch our body. The air itself touches the body. We breathe not only ...

Cell Dhyan

Our body is made up of small cells. These cells form tissues and tissues wove into muscles found ...

Pains and Vibrations Dhyan

We work very hard through out the day. While walking, sitting, moving around, playing and doing a ...

Life stage Dhyan

We have very sweet memories of our childhood. Universally it is believed that childhood was the b ...

Sound Dhyan

There are numerous sounds in the universe. We are able to hear a friction of it suitable to human ...


Meditation is the best spiritual way to connect to your higher self. Thought process is another way to connect to your higher self. By channelising your thoughts, you can keep better control on your self. Awareness of thoughts only will help you channelise your thoughts. Positivity in thinking will result into your higher inner self. Always think positive. Study good and encouraging material. Read the biographies of great men who have achieved name, fame and recognition and who have contributed to the society in a big way. Their material achievements also may not be no less. Live in the company of wise people. But, be aware of all the time. Do not slip for small allurements here and there. Keep your concentration intact.

It is such an obvious question that humanity has been asking since ages. I, personally believe that we do not know what happened before we were born. What will happen after we are gone. One thing is certain that one day, we are going to go and not seen around in physical form. So, the period in number of years, months, days, minutes and seconds denote our life here on this planet. In another way, the moment from first breath to the moment of last breath and the number of breaths that we have to take in between is what is called life. Whatever we do in this duration defines the quality of our life. The one who contributes maximum to the society, humanity, nature and animal kingdom by whichever way lives the life fully.

Yes, of course. Karma is not only the cause of human sufferings but also the cause of human bliss. Why should we talk about sufferings only all the time. Bhagwat Gita says “Karmaney vadhikaraste ma phaleshu kadachan”. It means you have right to action but not over the fruits. But one thing is sure, whatever be the actions, similar will be the fruits. Righteous actions will produce righteous fruits. God has kept the fruits of actions in His hands. Otherwise the man will become very choosy and selfish. So, whatever karmas you do you will receive the fruits accordingly. What you sow so shall you reap. If there are sufferings in the universe, it is only because of our karmas. Some criminal minded persons kill the human beings at will. Killing of animals, surprisingly, is part of a festival in a religion. We never hesitate to spoil the nature at every opportunity. If such are our karmas, wherefrom shall we get the bliss. These are the causes of human sufferings.

Yes, one can break free from the karmic cycle. Let us first understand the karmic cycle. Whatever karmas we do here in this life, some are left over to be balanced in the next life. Similarly the leftover karmas of the next life need to be balanced further. This way, the cycle goes on and on forever. There is a way to break free from this karmic cycle. It is a very deep knowledge and a laborious work. After continuous practice of meditation for years together, one could reach the stage of ‘Samadhi’. At this stage, there is complete silence. The conscious meets the superconscious and beyond. We meet our spirit and soul. We are one. There is no scope of dualism here. There is no account left to be settled with any one. There is complete balance of life forces. All karmas are balanced. Nothing to give and nothing to take. That is the stage when we break from the karmic cycle.

During meditation, you are sitting still. Your eyes are closed. You are sitting away from anyone else desirably in a quiet and secluded place. All your sensory organs of sight, speech, taste, touch and the smell also are closed to the world. You are completely with yourself. There is no other way but to be with yourself. The internal journey starts. It takes you from conscious mind first to the sub conscious mind and then to the super conscious mind and further beyond as you practice the meditation more deeply. You attain your higher self slowly but progressively. Once you are on the path of internal journey, nothing can stop you. You are sure to get closer and closer to your higher self.

By taking strong actions, simple. By being in awareness. By being in discipline. By being in consciousness. By being in the present. By doing every action of yours in favour and unto the others. The other should always be in focus. By none of your actions, the other human being, the animal, the nature be harmed in any way. You must be unique to appear unique. When the flower blossoms, it need not introduce itself to the world. The world will observe it on its own. You need not declare your presence. You do your best and surrender it to the Almighty. Let Him do the rest. I believe, the ultimate planning of our life is done by Him. Let Him do it. You live in a state of thankfulness and gratitude. Your actions will speak for you. You are sure to be a strong and effective personality.

The meditation helps your system settle down. All organs of the body including the Heart work at the optimum level. It requires regular and continuous practice. It takes time. The practitioner must remain in a cool state of mind. Meditation helps him to remain cool. Coolness helps him to meditate better. It works both ways. Right type of eating, proper exercise will also aid in curing the blood pressure. Necessary changes may be required to be done in the life style to obtain the maximum benefits. A word of caution here. You should not rely on the meditation and exercises only for curing diseases. Doctor’s advice from time to time is necessary. Any medication must also be subscribed only on the medical prescription. Along with this all, meditation and corresponding lifestyle will definitely help cure the blood pressure.

While practicing meditation you will come across multiple thoughts in the beginning. These thoughts will wean away with the passage of time and continuous practice. Tutorials such as Yog Nidra videos guide you through the process initially. Whether you are taking instructions in person or through videos, it does not matter much because your eyes are closed in any case. At later stage after continuous practice you may not need instructions in person or even through videos. Important is that you do not play with the thoughts. Let it happen whatever happens. Let the thoughts come and go. Your thought process will settle down. You can attain the stages of meditation on your own. State of Zero thoughts can be achieved through hard work, discipline and continuous practice.

The time of 4 AM is not sacrosanct. The essence is that you should get up early. Preferably before the sun rise. The climate is cool. It is very comfortable. There is peace all around. No noise. There is no disturbance. The nature is at its best. You become one with the nature. In this environment of tranquillity and freshness, whatever you do is very fruitful. The results are instant. You are more in the state of awareness. Let us learn a tip from the nature. All birds get up early in the morning and go out for work. It is we human beings who have digressed from the principles of nature and have spoiled our lives. So, get up early. Get on to your schedule of cleansing, morning walk, exercise, Pranayama and meditation as per your timings.

Sigmund Freud, the father of Psychology through his works propagated that dreams are reflection of your thoughts. Whatever you think and observe during the day, your dreams will revolve around that. Commonly, we want to retain good dreams and wean away bad ones. Yoga and deep breathing will help you integrate your body. Your mind will settle down. You are ready for meditation. During meditation, you will encounter multiples of thoughts. Important is that you do not play with the thoughts. Let the thoughts come and go. Slowly and with practice the number of thoughts will reduce. You will experience deeper meditation. One the thoughts settle down, the dreams will also settle down. Observe your thoughts and be in awareness.

Yes, one can break free from the karmic cycle. Let us first understand the karmic cycle. Whatever karmas we do here in this life, some are left over to be balanced in the next life. Similarly the leftover karmas of the next life need to be balanced further. This way, the cycle goes on and on forever. There is a way to break free from this karmic cycle. It is a very deep knowledge and a laborious work. After continuous practice of meditation for years together, one could reach the stage of ‘Samadhi’. At this stage, there is complete silence. The conscious meets the superconscious and beyond. We meet our spirit and soul. We are one. There is no scope of dualism here. There is no account left to be settled with any one. There is complete balance of life forces. All karmas are balanced. Nothing to give and nothing to take. That is the stage when we break from the karmic cycle.

There are many ashrams and yoga centers everywhere around that teach you the basics of yoga and meditation. Yoga asanas are taught even free at the local parks where you see day in and day out various people performing yoga techniques absolutely for free. Similarly, the meditation techniques can be learnt at almost no cost. These ashrams and yoga centers normally do not charge high fees. They charge higher from westerners because of their boarding and lodging arrangements. And food for their stay at these ashrams. If you don’t require to stay there and do not want to enjoy their hospitality, you don’t have to pay heavy. They will charge only nominally for the Yoga and meditation techniques. You may go and enquire them. Don’t hesitate.

Each one is gifted with the cognitive abilities which he can utilize to the maximum provided he wishes to do so. Since the Yoga and meditation are not the common day to day curriculum subjects taught in regular schools, unfortunately, these have not found the place in one’s life as they deserved. As the environment deteriorates day by day, sooner or later, everyone needs to follow these practices for good health and well being. The sooner the better so long as the limbs are working, eyes are seeing, ears can hear, the knees are able to take on the load. Whatever is the span of life, it must be lived fully.
The way I meditated
I meditated in a very simple way. I learnt meditation for the first time in 1996 when I joined a course in our colony. The course was conducted by teachers of Sidha Samadhi Yoga. The spiritual master was there everyday through the cassettes being played there with discourse on simple ways of life. After a bit of physical exercises and lectures on life philosophies, we used to become little tired. Hungry we were after three hours of rigmarole every morning for fifteen days. At the end of the session was a regime of meditation. I did exactly as I was told. Just keep your eyes closed and keep them closed till I was asked to open it. Just do nothing. The teacher will go on speaking. Initially, I used to sleep. Later on, the sleep was less and it converted into ‘Dhyan’. The result at the end of the session were fantastic. I felt very light, very energetic, very much aware and very enthusiastic. The knowledge also increased in the process.
Awareness on mind wandering
It is a fact that mind is very mobile and wandering. On an average about sixty to eighty thousand thoughts cross a human mind in a day. We are aware of some but unaware of maximum number of thoughts. These thoughts will come the maximum when you sit for meditation and dhyan. Don’t worry. Let the thoughts come and go. Do not chase them. Do not hold them. Do not create new thoughts. The thoughts once come and go will never come again. In fact, meditation is the best way to get rid of thoughts. You will experience that the thoughts embedded in mind since ages will also come on the surface and evaporate. Slowly, with regular practice, the mind will stop wandering. You r awareness will increase. A stage can be reached where you will have control over your thoughts instead of it being otherwise.
So long as we are here on this planet through the process of life, our endeavor should be to enjoy each moment and live life to its fullest. Though Yoga and meditation not being the mainstream subjects, yet everyone must do it sooner or later. The earlier the better. Various techniques have been propounded by different masters. Every one is beneficial in its own way. It is up to you to follow the technique that suits you the best. With regular practice you will come to know which one is suitable to you. Then you follow it with all sincerity. That is how the life is all about.

Transcendental meditation is a technique where you transcendent from one stag of existence to another stage of existence. From conscious to sub conscious to superconscious and beyond. At an initial level during practice, the whole body relaxes at the physical level including the brain. Then thought process settles. When you go further deeper, the neurons in the brain settle and work at the optimum level. You become master controller of your brain. You start directing it instead of otherwise. You start manifesting the physical things just by your thought process in your brain whose master you have become by now. All these stages could be achieved by practice and it takes time. It requires a lot of patience and perseverance as well. A human being who has achieved these stages becomes a different person altogether like our sages who used to bless and their blessings only were enough for a prosperous and happy life.

Meditation and Yoga are two different aspects. Yoga is a physical activity as understood in common parlance. Various types of Yog asanas are performed by observing your body parts. You are required to look behind (Ardh Matsyendra Asana) or look in front (Taad asana) or look at the ceiling (uttan pad asana) in various postures. So, these yog asanas are better performed in a well ventilated room where there is enough of light and air. While in case of meditation, you r faculties need be closed to thw world, you can better sit in meditation in a dark room where in addition to silence to your ears, there will be silence to your sight as well. You can observe deeper state of meditation.

Yoga, deep breathing and meditation are the sure shot techniques to improve your memory and concentration. In yoga, your attention is more towards your body. In deep breathing your attention is more towards your breath. In meditation, your thoughts are dissolving. In all these techniques the body and mind settle down. The thought process settles down. The awareness increases towards your body and to your own self. When old thoughts evaporate, there is room for new one. You can now control these thought with your increased awareness. Since you are in control of yourself, you start remembering things very well. That way, you increase your memory. With increased awareness and memory, you are concentrated.

Normally being a vegetarian myself, I will advocate strict vegetarian diet. Since most of the vegetarian food comes from the plants, it has direct correlation with the nature. The food is very smooth, naturally tasty, contains various salts, minerals, vitamins and all necessary ingredients a human body requires. A human is also an animal. Now, for non vegetarian friends, an animal eating another animal in any form is just not palatable. So, not only for intelligence, concentration and memory but for general well being also, eat all the food the nature provides for human consumption. Except for milk provided by the animals which has been found to be a very rich source of calcium, proteins and many other useful substances, all other food requirements of human being can be met with the nature. The Vegans will not consume even the milk and milk products. We have been consuming milk since centuries. So, that far is acceptable but certainly not animal meat in any form.

My simple answer would be that you start doing it and then only realise it. It is like dipping deep into the world of great possibilities and potential. The meditation connects you to yourself. The meditation takes you deeper inside where you find immense potential of your existence. You enter a new world which belongs to you only. New opportunities evolve. Your thought process settles down. You start creating. The awareness increases. You become a much more alert person than ever before. The memory, intelligence, concentration knows no bounds. New ideas crop up in the mind. You connect with your spirit. It is a new and wonderful experience. But a word of caution here. The whole exercise takes time, effort and perseverance.

In meditation, you sit in silence. The eyes are closed. Nobody is touching you. You are not speaking. No chanting of mantras during meditation. The sensory faculties are disconnected. You are not thinking anything. Just letting happen whatever happens. The thoughts are coming and going. You are not playing with them. You are completely with yourself. Now, the only way left to go is inward. You rise to your higher self. You rise within yourself without even you are not aware of it. The effect of mediation will reflect in your habits, actions, behavior and ultimately this will form your destiny. Go on meditating. Spend enough time on it. Be patient.