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Trance foundation is an organization created for the spread of Yoga, meditation and health awareness. Trance foundation proposes to inculcate the sense of well-being among every human being on earth through self efforts by way of arousal of inbuilt energies so engrained in human body. Learn More

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What is Yoga Nidra Meditation by Trance Foundation?

Through research over the years, we, at Trance foundation have developed the techniques of Yog-Nidra Meditation. There are 12 different techniques. Each technique is self sufficient and lasts for about thirty minutes only. Whatever be your state of mind, you will experience complete rest and relaxation that will take you in a Trance.

Marsha Hoffman
Why Yoga Nidra Meditation by Trance Foundation?

Extremely simple, No need of prior Yoga Experience.

You can do it sitting in a chair or lying down on a bed or mat.

No preparations are required.

Uniquely enjoyable process.

Phenomenal results are obtained in a minimal time of about 30 minutes only.

Marsha Hoffman
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Meet the Visionary
Dr. Naresh Goyal Sir

Dr. Naresh Goyal has served the country as an administrative officer with the Government of India for over 36 years. He is well versed in multiple streams of knowledge such as The Art of Living by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, The Siddhi Samadhi Yoga by Rishi Parbhakar and Yogasna techniques by Swami Ramdev. He is a certified Yoga Instructor from the prestigious Kaivalyadham in Mumbai. Years of practice and deep study of literature on the subject and continuous interactions with the seers led him to evolve the 12 stages of deep Yog Nidra meditation practices.

Dr. Naresh Goyal
Yoga Nidra Techniques
Weight shedding Dhyan

After the full day’s hard work we feel tired and tense. Not only our muscles become stiff b ...

Drishta Dhyan

We always think we are perfect in the world. This technique of dhyan is an attempt to apprise us ...

Inner journey or Antar Yatra Dhyan

This is a unique process never experienced before by many of us. All of us know that we have larg ...

Swa Dhyan or Self Dhyan

On an average we pass through sixty thousand thoughts ...

Swachand Dhyan

The world is large and wide. We keep our thinking restricted. We need to open up. Each one of us ...

Chakra Dhyan

There are three major energy paths in our body. Starting from the base, these paths cross each ot ...

Deh Dhyan

Deh means the body. It is the physical body that carries us through the life. Each part of the bo ...

Touch Dhyan

Various elements in the air touch our body. The air itself touches the body. We breathe not only ...

Cell Dhyan

Our body is made up of small cells. These cells form tissues and tissues wove into muscles found ...

Pains and Vibrations Dhyan

We work very hard through out the day. While walking, sitting, moving around, playing and doing a ...

Life stage Dhyan

We have very sweet memories of our childhood. Universally it is believed that childhood was the b ...

Sound Dhyan

There are numerous sounds in the universe. We are able to hear a friction of it suitable to human ...